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Are the Elites Finally Admitting that Multiculturalism has Failed?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Big news last week when German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that Germany's great multicultural experiment had failed, and Germany's future was threatened by Muslims who had not assimilated.

Merkel said that immigrants must assimilate and adapt, learning German and adopting German customs.

Simple and straightforward right?  The United States' success and hegemony is due to its embrace of the melting pot concept.  Millions upon millions of immigrants from all over the globe have migrated to this country in pursuit of the American Dream and have adapted to our language, customs, and culture, which is why we've enjoyed Pax Americana - peace and prosperity without any internal civil wars.

Yet Europe attempted the opposite approach, and our neighbors across the pond find themselves confronting a massive Muslim population that is isolated and susceptible to extremism.  Two of the 9/11 hijackers plotted their attacks in Hamburg, Germany and a German judge sparked outrage in 2007 when she ruled (in the spirit of multiculturalism) against an abused Muslim wife begging for a divorce from her husband by citing the Quran and saying that it takes precedence over German civil law for Muslims in Germany. Muslims from Paris to Prague live in ghettos where they hear from anti-Western, terrorism-supporting Imams and live their days with very little contact with other Europeans.  This would explain while "honor killings" are an epidemic in Great Britain - Muslims who integrate and live with the rest of society (not apart from it), would have no use for honor killings, as they would have adapted and evolved beyond such tribal and barbaric practices.

We in the United States have been fortunate, but we have our own liberal elites who eschew assimilation in favor of multiculturalism, where every cultural norm is held up as "equal" to all others and a common patriotism and pride in one's nation is shunned in favor of trying to accomodate and appease all cultures and ethnicities.  Canada attempted this with the French and English divide and embracing two languages - now, they are dealing with Islamic Sharia Law, where multicultural elitists attempted to allow the religious-based law to usurp secular Canadian law and then retreated due to the backlash created when Muslim women were sentenced to beatings by their husbands and denied divorces.

So will other elites follow in Merkel's footsteps and honestly acknowledge the harsh reality of their failed experiment?  Probably not.  As you can already imagine, the left-leaning press in America and Europe has already assailed her and demagogues are already applying the expected labels of "Nazi" and "Fascist" since she has dared question one of their top tenets and dogmas.

But at least the discussion has started.


by Brandon Kenig

Forum and Social Media Director

George Brauer commented on 03-Dec-2010 11:24 AM
Multiculturalism is and will always be a failure! Case in point: Illegal Mexicans in the United States. They huddle in their own little ethnic group, they do not assimilate, they for the most part, do not attempt to learn English, 70% of them are illiterate in Spanish and the second generation Mexicans here hire Hispanics as a general rule. If you don't believe it...go to southern CA, AZ, NM and see who is working for the Hispanic business owners there......I can tell you, illegal Mexicans. Eastern Europeans and Muslims are leeching off of the U.K.....etc etc Leave it to Germany to finally be the one to have the balls to call a spade a spade. Bravo to the German Chancellor!!
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