T he idea for Right Wing Teamwear was born in a real estate development business located in the nation’s heartland. Like many other businesses in 2008 and 2009, our business struggled. Unlike many big banks and other special interests, however, we didn’t have the option of a government bailout. (Nor did we want or expect one.) We often discussed issues facing our country like excessive government intrusion into our lives and the fiscal recklessness of our elected leaders. Motivated by this, we wondered how we could show our support for responsible government in a professional manner while still conducting our day to day business.

Most of us had worn apparel, used coffee mugs and displayed bumper stickers of our favorite sports teams and causes. After scouring the internet, however, none of us could find anything that tastefully and respectfully conveyed the message: “We are Americans who believe in limited government.”   Realizing this, we set out to create and develop the product line we couldn’t find: Right Wing Teamwear and Gear.

One thing that is extremely important to us is the belief that ‘Right Wing’ does not have to mean the same thing to everyone but should be guided by our similar principles. We hope you will embrace this message also and JOIN THE RIGHT WING TEAM by wearing your Right Wing Teamwear or drinking from your Right Wing Mug with the same pride we do. If you have ideas or suggestions, we’d love to hear them in our user forum.

Thanks for exploring!

The Right Wing Team