I have been a real estate developer and entrepreneur for many years. In 2008 and 2009, as business struggled, I didn’t have the option of a government bailout, unlike big banks and some other special interests in Washington. Of course, I didn’t want or need a hand out from the government. Fortunately, my businesses are going to survive.

During this time, I was becoming more troubled with things occurring in Washington, especially government intrusion in many aspects of our lives. My thoughts didn’t really involve one particular politician or party, just an overall sense of entitlement and recklessness from leaders in Washington that I didn’t particularly care for. I knew many others felt the same. Recognizing this, I thought how can I display to others my thoughts about our country as I conduct my day to day business? For years, I had worn apparel, used coffee mugs and displayed bumper stickers of my favorite sports teams and causes. I assumed I would be able to search the web and find something that would convey the message I wanted others to recognize about me. As I scoured the internet, I didn’t find anything that delivered the message I wanted to convey.

I wanted a tasteful and respectful message that others could embrace that said I am an American who believes in values and limited government. After failing to find the product I wanted, Right Wing was born. One thing that became extremely important for me as I created Right Wing was my belief that Right Wing and its meaning was in the eye of the beholder. Right Wing doesn’t have to mean exactly the same thing to me as it does to you, but Right Wing is guided by our similar principles. I hope you will embrace this message and JOIN THE RIGHT WING TEAM. I hope you will wear your Right Wing gear or drink from your Right Wing coffee mug with the same pride I do. My goal is to make this our statement. If you have ideas or suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Additionally, I’d like to know exactly what Right Wing means to all of you out there. Thanks for exploring the Right Wing team.